Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

When you book one of our apartments you’ll be accepting the following terms and conditions, so we kindly ask you to read them before to proceed:

1• Prices, payments and booking conditions:
The payments or prepayments may change depending on which kind of apartment, rates or dates you’re planning to choose. Payments will be processed once the reservation is confirmed by the website on non refundable fares. If you reserve another kind of fare, the payment way it may change depending on the described conditions, although we will try the provided credit card when the booking is made: If the credit card cannot cover the balance of the reservation, the reservation will be cancelled automatically (generally, the reservation should be paid on arrival, better in cash). The reservation will be guaranteed at the moment that you’ve paid for it. On the remote case of unexpected cancelation for reasons attributable to Palou Suites, the whole amount will be refunded on the same credit card used when you made the reservation and we will provide you the proper receipt. If you would like to get better conditions or promotions that are not published on our website, you should contact on the following email: mercader@palousuites.com or call to the following number: +34 931 311 592.

2• Cancellation policy:
Cancellation policy may change depending on the fare selected:
• For non-refundable fares, Palou Suites will not accept cancellations or modifications (cancellations due force majeure non attributable to Palou Suites, you should contact by email on mercader@palousuites.com, and it’s up to the property’s criteria decide if any amount of the reservation will be refunded)
• For other kinds of fare contracted, generally (unless indicated another proposal on the fare description), for cancelations, we will return the whole amount (less 5% due bank fees) until 15 days before the check in date. Cancellations made after 15 days before check in will become non-refundable.

3• Deposits:
Palou Suites has the right to charge a security deposit during the check in, or to keep this, to the credit card provided when you book the apartment. The amount may change (between 150€ and 300€) and you’ll be informed during the check in. That amount will be refunded if the personnel don’t find any damage on the apartment or Palou Suites hasn’t received any noise complaints from the neighbors in about your flat (we kindly ask you to read the paragraph 6, prohibitions and house rules). If during check in no one took deposit (it’s up to Palou Suites’ criteria), the guest must not ask for any refund on the check out.

4• Taxes:
VAT is included on the published prices. A touristic tax of Barcelona have to be paid during the Check-In. It’s 1,25 € per person and night (for 17 years old and over) and it will be applied the first 14 days of your stay.

5• Check in /Check out
• Check in will be always after 15:00 (unless the room is ready and you can take it before that time).
• Check out will be always before 11.00. If you need to stay more time, you can ask for it on the front desk, but is always subject on availability and to the receptionist’s criteria.
The keys are always delivered once paid the amount of the stay and tourist fees. Hand over the keys constitutes acceptance of the tenant of the apartment. The apartment is assimilated to the best of our ability that you have seen in the photographs, although we reserve the right to change parts of decoration or furniture (since we renewed more frequently than the pictures on the Web).

6• Prohibitions and house rules
As a client, you must respect the house rules pertaining to the apartment and the community in which it belongs to. The apartment cannot be used, under any circumstance, as a party space but only as accommodation for sleeping, eating, relaxing, and so forth. Please look at the house rules thoroughly in order to avoid any problems or future confusion. Our main objective is for you to have a positive experience in Barcelona.

Please don’t smoke in the apartment, as smoking is reserved for the terrace or balcony. Please do not throw cigarette butts down to the street or patios. To avoid this, we have stocked each apartment with an ashtray.

Please respect our neighbors, whom many of which are working citizens needing to wake up early to go to work every day. Furthermore, in this building there are many families with babies, thus, we emphasize that respect to noise is crucial. Please take extra care in assuring that you are respectful of the sound of the doors in the hallways and stairs. Parties are not permitted in any case and are subject to punishment through the security deposit, or subsequent eviction.

Monday – Friday 22.00h to 9.00h and Saturday – Sunday 23.00h to 10.00h

The deposit will not be returned after the second warning to keep the noise down. We reserve the right to evict guests from the apartment, without refund.

Please try to control the noise produced by the chairs on the floor, as it can be a nuisance to the inhabitants in the apartment below. Again, mutual respect is key at our apartments.

Be mindful about the environment by saving water, turning off the air-conditioning and switching off the lights upon leaving the apartment.

Sheets and towels are included in the price you have paid for your booking. We change the towels every 3 days and the sheets every 4 days. Please do not remove your make-up with the towels, as we’ll have to charge you for an extra towel.

Tourist tip: Please lock the doors securely behind you and only take what you need for the day with you. There are professional pickpockets in most of the tourist areas so avoid taking expensive items or carrying large sums of cash out for the day.

Please do not leave the garbage in the apartment upon checkout. You can leave it in the containers on the street every night between 20.00h – 22.00h. To avoid foul food smells, we ask you kindly to throw away your garbage after cooking with ingredients such as fresh fish, shellfish, etc….

Note that check out time is at 11.00h. Please respect this, as we need time to clean the apartment prior to the next check-in (15.00hs is the regular check-in time). Let us know in advance if you need a later check-out time. In any case, you can leave your luggage in our storage after 9.30h, and then take it out at any time of the day. You also have access to our guest toilet in the lobby.

Please take care of your keys. In the case of the loss of an apartment key, you will be charged with a 3 € fee.